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With the intention of expanding your rental property portfolio, certain tasks are more effectively entrusted to experienced professionals.

To optimize your time and concentrate on strategic business development rather than operational intricacies, we have compiled a list of supplementary resources for your consideration.

Only some of these resources will be necessary, but we encourage you to select the ones that are right for you.

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  1. We've provided links to some of our most valuable resources:

  2. SmartScreen

Is a new approach to Tenant Screening offering both tenants and landlords an easy and secure way to complete the rental application process. There's no complicated sign-up procedure and users can purchase reports instantly. For each tenant's combined credit/criminal report, customers pay $30.

Is a landlord management software that helps landlords find tenants, view credit history, sign leases, and collect payments for their rental properties in real-time. The app can be used on computers, tablets, and phones, and the ease of access has made it quite popular in the real estate market.

Corporate Housing By Owner

Is a website that connects corporate property owners and managers with travelers who need to rent furnished rooms. It provides a range of management and marketing tools to each owner who pays for a listing.


Is the leading property analysis app: Dealcheck is a website that lets online real estate investors and real estate professionals analyze rental properties, flips, and multi-family buildings. Members can use the tools to import dozens of property data points and estimate property purchase costs and potential profits. Savings: 20% Off when you use BESTDEAL promo code.

Is a property search engine that specializes in foreclosures. Subscribers to the website can access property details before they are posted to the mass market. There are some incredible deals here that you don’t want to miss. They offer a “free preview” to ensure the platform is right for you. 

Land Century

Is a property search engine that focuses on empty lots and distressed properties. It charges a subscription fee for posting listings and serves subscribers trying to unload one property or hundreds of them at once.

Distressed Property Real Estate Bootcamp

A speaker, podcaster, and author, Lex Levinrad offers seven best-selling books on making money in real estate. Fans and investors looking for a real estate education can sign up for boot camp real estate courses and personalized coaching on his site.

Rent-Cast (Look up Rent Prices in Your State)

View rent prices and comps for any property in the US and track your rental portfolio with real-time alerts and market updates. Use Rent Cast additional software to help you maximize your cash flow, understand local markets and boost productivity. Start for free (trial version).

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